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STB Bluetooth-Subwoofer Pairing Instructions
iPod™ Docking Station Manual
Infinity™ Stereo (INFMR-180) Operator's Guide
Infinity™ Stereo (INFMR-180) Operator's Guide French
JBL™ Stereo (MR-145) Operator's Guide
JBL™ Stereo (MR-18.5) Operator's Guide
Setup and Delivery Guideline

Dynasty Spa Manual

Complete Parts Catalogue


Quick Reference Cards

K-1000 French
K-1000 English
K-800/806 English
K-800 with in.Clear English
K-800/806 French
K-800 with in.Clear French
K-500/506 English
K-500/506 French
S Class - (Club Series)
XE™ System English and French
K-600 XM System English
K-600 XM System French
K-600 XE English
K-600 XE Spanish
K-450 (For use on the 12', 14' and 18' Swim Spa Models)
Recreational Series Single Pump
Recreational Series Double Pump
Classic Series Single Pump
Classic Series Dual Pump

Error Codes
GFCI and Wiring Guide
In.touch System Users Guide
Draining Your Spa Guide
Gecko™ in.clear™ User Manual
Aquatic AV AQ-CD-4B Quick Start Guide - French- See more at:

Classic Series MC-MP-DY4 Spa Pack -June '05
Excalibur 3000-4000
Excalibur 5000
Excalibur-SC-MP-DY4/Dual Pump System-June '05
Excalibur-MC-MP-DY4 Spa Pack - June '05
Excalibur-MC-MP-CE Spa Pack - June '05
Excalibur- Spa Pack MC-MP-CE - June '05
Neptune Series
Neptune Series - June 2005
EL/GL Series (Mach 2.0) Control with ML700 Panel
Sun Valley Quick Reference Card
2000LE M-7 - 1 Pump Instructions
2000LE M-7 - 2 Pumps Instructions
Cinema Series TV, DVD, CD & Spa Remote
Cinema Series TV, DVD, CD & Spa Remote 2008
Cinema Series TV Spa Reference Card
Cinema Series TV Spa Reference Card 2008
K-800 Harmony Collection - Topside Control Reference Guide - English
K-800 Harmony Collection - Topside Control Reference Guide - French
in.Tune Audio System - Remote Control Instructions- See more at: